Intellectual Property

The company has the following Intellectual Properties which it will strive to protect.

  • Trademark of the brand name “Royalstar”
    • Trademark & copyright for the logo & name of “Royalstar”
    • Copyright for the “Royalstar KBS Murmura corn puffs” packet design.
  • Product Images, Website Content& Marketing Material.
  • Website and App Design, Software Code and Algorithms.

Current Traction

Manufacturing Units

    • The company has 2 manufacturing units.


    • :
      • Royalstar KBS Murmura corn puffs.
      • Royalstar Puff Snacks.
      • Royalstar Crispy Treat 3D Papad.
      • Royalstar Pasta
      • Royalstar Vermicelli

Product is available in all major stores of modern and general trade in major cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, and Raipur, Chennai, Bangalore, and also small towns.