Our new product will be the bars which will include a complete range of

  • Peanut bars,
  • Seasame bars,
  • Amaranth bar being among the commonly available bar varieties.
  • Puffed Cereal Bars

In addition, we will be producing a complete range of bars using puffed cereals, millets, and superfoods. The bars will be made from very simple ingredients and will bring significant health benefits to consumers as well as very competitively priced for consumers. We are planning to launch the puffed bars at an MRP of Rs. 20.

It will be an easy yet tasty way to consume millets and superfoods and cereals like jowar and bajra. It is a good option for people who prefer gluten-free and vegan food. 

3-Ingredient Puffed cereal bars

◦ These 3-Ingredient Puffed Cereal Bars are a great snack to keep on hand and share with your family. They’re convenient, easy, and super versatile and so tasty. Made with just a few flavorful ingredients, with endless variations.
◦ Puffed Cereal Bars are the perfect snack. Chewy, sweet, and delicious, they can be grabbed to satisfy an on the go hunger pang or put in your kids’ lunches. Made with healthy ingredients that are full of fiber, protein, and good fats, these are worlds better than the snack bars you get in the stores. Plus, there are no preservatives.
◦ These Puffed Cereal Bars are simple and easy, so you could have them in the morning and be enjoying them for lunch. Let’s look at the ingredients that make these Puffed Cereal Bars so good.
◦ Puffed cereal. Any kind : quinoa, rice, millet, or oats.
◦ Jaggery syrup / Honey Adds delicious sweetness.
◦ A touch of sea salt and vanilla extract for extra flavor

◦ Why are these bars so good?
◦ Healthy. These bars have great wholesome ingredients that are good for you. They’re sweet enough for kids, but you can be proud of what’s in them.
◦ Tasty. These Puffed Cereal Bars are richly sweet with a deliciously chewy texture from the puffed cereal. With added sea salt and vanilla extract, they’re even yummier.
◦ Right price: These bars will be available at the right price and not costly like other bars available in the market. Healthy doesn’t always means costly. We aim to provide right product at the right price to our customers.